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Can I do nursing with D7?

If you got D7 in one of the three core subjects or electives you are applying with, you will not be admitted for a diploma or degree programme. If you have a D7, you may have to rewrite to get a better grade or apply for a certificate programme which you can top up afterwards.

What are the entry requirement to teacher training college in Ghana?

The general requirement for admission to the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) Programme is as follows: WASSCE Holders: CREDIT (A1-C6) in Six (6) subjects comprising Three(3) Core subjects, including English Language and Core Mathematics, and Three (3) Elective subjects relevant to the course of study.

What is the cut off mark for nursing?

Each institution varies, generally Average grades of C6 is accepted. You can you and search for the Nursing Schools and their cut off point.

What is the minimum qualification for teachers in Ghana?

The non-professional teachers are categorized into two: persons holding the Senior High School (SHS) certificate with three credits including English and mathematics and persons with diploma from accredited polytechnics (now technical universities) and university graduates without certificate in education (MoE, 2012).

What are the parts of an application form?

There are usually four parts of a job application:
  • Personal information.
  • Employment information, also called work history.
  • Education and training.
  • References.

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